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The installation of solar panels for residential use within Gardner, ND should be handled by professionals who have experience. At Solar Company Guys, our experts will handle the installation of the solar panel at your residence with utmost care and attention to detail to ensure that the performance of the solar panel is maximised especially due to positioning. All areas in Gardner, ND have the perfect opportunity to enjoy high quality solar energy may it be in their private homes, residential apartments or even gated neighbourhoods since the installation of the solar panels can be done even on the roofs where there is exposure to sunlight.



Due to the varied climatic conditions in Gardner, ND, experts at Solar Company Guys have come up with options on the production line that handle the specifics that are needed for the different residential solar panels. For instance some parts of Gardner, ND may be prone to limited hours of sunlight exposure due to factors such as proximity to skyscrapers and other mega structures. This way Solar Company Guys is able to manufacture customized pieces that have stands that enable them to turn in accordance to the direction of the sun before it blurs thus maximising power output.



The maintenance schedule for solar panels from Solar Company Guys is quite straight forward and shallow given that their high quality eliminates the need for additional maintenance procedures anywhere in Gardner, ND. There are no moving parts in a solar panel so all you need to do is regularly clean your solar panel using a dump cloth to ensure that the absorption of sunlight energy is not inhibited in any way. To order for high quality maintenance free solar panels from Solar Company Guys that only require regular cleaning, contact us by calling 800-671-6390 today and our experts will handle the installation.

Customers can reach us on 800-671-6390 for more information.


The affordability of all processes involving the solar power project within residential areas and places in Gardner, ND is achievable and within reach for people of all walks of life. The purchasing of a solar panel for residential use is affordable in nature which has further been enhanced by the tax incentives offered by authorities in Gardner, ND. The installation process can be termed as cheap since although there is the involvement of experts, their work is not that much to warrant a high pricing since they only take care of the degree of positioning facing the sun and placing for safety purposes.


The different sizes of solar panels mostly go hand in hand with the amount of power they generate. At Solar Company Guys, the larger the solar panel, the higher the amount of energy it produces. Solar panels for use in private residential homes within Gardner, ND only require small to medium solar panels for a manageable amount of energy production. For the case of residential projects involving two or more homes, the size of the solar panels should be medium or the large ones which will in turn require a larger installation space than the small sized ones. Contact the experts today via 800-671-6390 today for consultation on the appropriate size of solar panels for your residential project.

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